Thursday, March 13, 2014

Philippines:Cockfighting Capital of the World

                No other country in the world like Philippines where you can’t count how many cockers living here. Cockfighting had been a tradition before the Spaniard came to the shore. Wherever you go you will find gamefowl chickens. Even the poorest person in the neighborhood is raising chicken. They are very proud to be a cocker even they had a lack of money to sustain their hobby. Once you’re a cocker you’ll always a cocker what matter your situation in life. 

                Every town in the Philippines has cockpit. So, if you’re a cocker, you have an outlet to express yourself. I heard that in Zamboanga City they have more than ten cockpits. Wow, it only means that there are so many cockers in that place. In some cockpits, it almost every day they have fight schedules. While others conducting  derby every weekend. There are many cockers joining derby on a regular basis. If the boss could not attend, they will send their people to the cockpit.

                If there’s a gathering of men in the neighborhood, you’ll hear about chicken talk and they spar their chicken in the street. Filipino cockers are very creative. If they don’t have enough space or backyard to raise chickens, they make a cage for chickens and put it on their roof! In some small stores, if the owner is a cocker they will display their chicken in front of their store. Because they believe that by doing this they will become lucky if they have a fight. Nowadays, there are still many Filipino cockers who believe in superstition. 

                For Filipino cockers, cockfighting is not only about gambling or betting. They considered this as a real sport. They are very serious about breeding and cocking. As a matter of fact, there are many associations and big derbies in the Philippines like National Bakbakan 10-Stag Derby, Pambansang Digmaan, Bullang-Bullang 8-Stag Derby, World Slasher Cup, Candelaria Open Derby, etc. Many foreign cockers are visiting Philippines just to attend in any big derbies. For them, Philippines is a paradise for cockers like them. 

                The breeders train and condition their chickens very well. They know that it is not easy to win in a derby today because of stiff competition. Even the backyard breeders can compete in big derbies because some of them are knowledgeable and has good chickens. All they have to do is to find financier or sponsor. So, they can able to join to the derbies with a big pot money.  

                Filipino cockers are very known for being gentlemen. When they lose in a fight it easy for them to accept. And when they make promises they will do it. But in the other hand, we can’t deny that there are also groups condemning cockfighting and treating it as cruelty to animals. These animal rights activist want to stop cockfighting like what they did in America. But for sure lawmakers would not let it to be happening because many of them are cockers too. If they will support any law against cockfighting, there political career would be affected. The cockers will not vote them if there is a election. I really doubt that they can stop cockfighting here.

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