Monday, March 10, 2014

Osang Dela Cruz, Philippines Top Lady Cocker

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Cockfighting is known as gentlemen’s sport but that kind of perception was already changed because even women are participating in this sport. One of them is Osang Dela Cruz, one of top lady cockers in the Philippines. Maybe she has a soft voice and with gentle moves but when cockfighting is concerned, she never afraid of anyone. She is accepting the challenge because she believes that her warrior bird can compete in a cockpit arena. Don’t be surprised if Osang is always present in big-time derbies. So, can you bet for her?

The Osang’s name is ringing like a bell in four corners of gamefowl industry. She is the owner of Goldquest Champion Gamefarm. She always uses it every time she has an entry in a derby. By the way, she is a member of Rizal Gamefowl Breeders Association headed by Joey Sy. If you will check her record as a cocker she has a lot of accomplishment. She had been a two time PCAP Cocker of the Year (2008 and 2010). She was also becoming a RGBA Breeder of the Year in 2007. Aside from that, she became solo runner up in NCA World Championship and Bullang-Bullang Bullstag Derby runner up in 2009.

Some of Osang bloodlines in her farm are Mel Sims, Dink Fair, Brazilian Gold, etc. She is really serious with her crafts as a breeder and a cocker. She is not just a boss because she is very hands on with her chicken. She is doing this to make sure that her chickens are in a good condition.

Before Osang became a cocker, she only accompanied her husband in the cockpit. She was only observing the sports until she was hooked with it. Her husband noticed that she has a good touch with chickens and she knows how to look a good chicken. That’s why her husband pursued her to breed and to be involved in gamefowl industry. From there on, she has already reached a milestones to her journey as a breeder and cocker as well. Because of her expertise, she gained respect of others cockfighters and some companies offered her as product endorsers. She became an endorser of Power Bullets, Hagibis and Lakpue.

Any lady cockers out there considering Osang as their idol. Maybe the reason behind this is because she represents women in the cockfighting world. She gives them inspiration and aspiration. She is a proof that it’s not important if you’re a man or woman. If you know how to fight chickens, beat it. It’s not only about luck, but it’s about seeking for knowledge. If you’re willing to learn and have a right materials like her, you could able to compete. 


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