Saturday, March 22, 2014

How to Breed Chicken?: A Beginners Guide

 Are you a cocker and you wanted also to breed chickens, but you didn’t know how to start? It is natural for a beginner like you to be hesitant. The advice of many expert breeders would be getting good materials from respected breeders. It might be expensive, but it is really worth it rather than to buy cheap chickens and have poor quality. You may less your cost the budget for buying materials,but the problem is both hybrid and low quality chickens has the same amount of feeds they use. What’s the sense of the chicken if it has always unimpressive results? It will only hurt your pocket and to your ego as a cockfighter. At the end, you will only cull the low quality chicken. So, don’t invest your money with that kind of chicken. You’re only wasting your time if money, my friend.

For example, you have already good materials, limit it to few bloodlines. I think, two or three bloodlines are enough. If you do that, it is very hard to maintain your bloodlines because you will be confused. You don’t know what is the right combination. But if you have only few bloodlines, it is easy to maintain because you don’t have many choices. But it is good if you have specific bloodlines you want to acquire. Is it Kelso, Sweater, Roundhead, etc.? There are some breeders who are popular with their signature bloodlines. Like Carol Nesmith of America; he is much known for his Sweater. In the Philippines, to name a few breeders; Mayor Juancho Aguirre is known for his Grey and Lemon Guapo, GenGen Arayata known for his Bulik; Lance Dela Torre is known for his Boston Roundhead and many more. 

But before you acquire the bloodlines you want to get, ask the breeders what’s the record of the bloodline of a chicken. What’s the composition of its bloodline? Is it a two-way or three way cross? What’s the characteristic of their parents, etc. You need to have a query mind so you would not be deceived. Because there are some breeders don’t give their best chicken because they want it to keep for themselves. The other advice is very basic, spar the chicken before get it. This is to know the fighting style of your feathered warrior. But there’s no assurance if they will bring that style on the cockpit. 

Yes, breeding is not an easy task because this is a trial and error experience. Because of that process, we should learn. But you could decrease your error by getting the advice of some veteran breeders who are willing to share their knowledge to our fellow cockfighters.


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