Friday, March 28, 2014

For the Love of Cockfighting

               We always say that cockfighting is a gentleman sport. This is very true because no other sport in this world could compare to cockfighting. Even other people look at it as gambling and not a genuine sport. Of course, there is money involved here. But it is only common in any sports like boxing, basketball, football, etc. Money is always a subject because there is a cash prize at stake. That money is a reward for those participants who know how to play the game very well. What is a competition if it don’t have monetary gain?

                But to many cockers, money is not their motivation or primary reason why they love cockfighting. They only want to attain honor by winning prestigious derbies. That is their only dream and not to get a lot of money from this sport. They know that they cannot be rich by being a cockfighter. Of course, they make some business through selling chickens to getting back their expenses. For cockfighting is very an expensive sport. So, we need enough budget to continue our hobby or else we will be out of the game. Even we have enough budget, we must control or discipline ourselves at all time to survive in our beloved sport. Because there are some cockfighteres became poor because they don’t had discipline.

                Other people treating cockfighters as a lower class citizen and illiterate. But the truth is many cockers are professionals and have a good job. How can we survive in this sport if we are not street money? It seems that they forget that many of the cockfighters are businessman, politicians, engineers, doctors, etc. But this sport in not only limited to them because even ordinary people can enjoy cockfighting. Inside of a cockpit, all people are equal whatever their situation in life. The only difference is the capacity of their pockets. Others can bet more than 50 thousand pesos while others are minimum bet only. But it doesn't matter how small or big is your bet. The important is we are enjoying the sport. 

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