Saturday, March 15, 2014

Bacolod City the Gamefowl Center of the Philippines

                Bacolod in Negros Occidental is known as the City of Smile and for their Masskara Festival. They are also popular because of their delicious chicken inasal or grilled chicken and with their sweet delicacies. Aside from these, they are also known as the home of talented gamefowl breeders. From now and then, their good reputation would never change. When you say Bacolod, the initial reaction of any Pinoy cockers is very positive. They know that chickens from Bacolod are really good. Having a good environment is a major factor why their chickens are strong and healthy. Many farms in Bacolod are located in high areas. So, the weather there is so different compared to the farms located in low areas.

                Some men from Bacolod are travelling in Manila or any part of the country to sell their chickens. In Filipino term, they called themselves as ‘biyahero’. Or vice versa, many cockers is going to Bacolod just to buy chickens. But if they can’t travel, the chicken owner will shift their order through cargo and it will be picked up at the airport. But of course, it’s a right move if you will personally visit the farm because you can choose and spar the chicken. So, you will know that if it would fit with the fighting style you’re looking for a chicken. Unless, you’re already a regular customer of the breeder you’re dealing. You don’t have to worry because you’re really familiar with his chicken bloodlines. 

                In Bacolod, you will find the farm of some respected breeders from the likes of Lance Dela Torre, Danilo Hinlo of DVH Gamefarm, Mayor Juancho Aguirre,who is very popular with his Greys and Lemon 84, Vic Yulatic, the very influential Lacson Family and many more. If you will buy chicken from them, you have an assurance that you will get a good material because their chickens had already a good record. Aside from big time breeders, you can buy also to the aspiring breeders of Bacolod. Just ask other people to know who they are.  

                If you don’t have a big budget for buying chickens from respected breeders, I recommend that you should go at Smith Central Market. Many chicken sellers are standby here waiting for costumers. If there is a bazaar for chicken, this is the place for it. The prices of their chicken are so cheap. But they have no shop or booth; they are only holding or tying their chicken beside them. But don’t underestimate it; remember it is a Bacolod chicken? When you’re choosing, you may spar the chicken to see its fighting style.


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